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Booking Engine Benefits / Features

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Direct Commission Free Bookings on Your Website

In the modern internet age, customers expect to be able to book online as soon as they’ve decided they would like to stay with you. But they want to “do it now” and not bother with mistakes or back and forth email or telephone calls.

Easy to Use From Any Device & From Anywhere

The Booking Engine system is 100% responsive to any size of screen/device. Additionally it’s on duty 24/7 so that potential guests can be in any time zone and book while you sleep or are otherwise occupied .

Instant and Automatically In-Sync

The Booking Engine instantly and automatically updates the Front Desk Manager and the Channel Manager when new bookings are made. The Channel Manager then instanly updates inventory with connected OTAs.

Reduce Online Travel Agency Commissions

Guests who find you via the an OTA websites  will often use a search engine to find your website so that they can get a better feel for your property. This is particularly the case with small independent properties. When guests arrive on your Booking Engine enabled website, oftentimes they will book directly there rather than returning to the OTA site. You, of course, save the exorbident commission.

Integration and Customization

Typically, the Booking Engine will be “embedded” or integrated into your website such that it complements the existing look and feel. We’ll work with you or your current website developer to do so or we can embed it into your new Cloud 9 provided Mobile Friendly Website. Alternatively, we can simply host a booking page on our servers that will contain only the booking forms that will allow guests to reserve online.

Integrated Credit Card Collection/Processing

Already have a credit card processing provider? We can configure the system to securely collect and store credit card information at the time of booking for processing at your convenience and the way you currently do it. Alternatively, we can integrate the system with one of our payment gateways to automatically process deposits or full reservation charges at the time of booking. Here’s a list of our payment gateways. 

Coupon Codes

Boost your marketing and tracking ability by offering coupon codes. Coupons can be applied to guest reservations at the time of booking. 

State of the Art Security

Collect credit card and other sensitive customer information with PCI Compliance and SSL security. Fully GDPR ready.

Offer "Upsell" Items

Offer your guests enhanced products and services at the time of booking to enhance their stays and increase sales and profitability.

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