Channel Manager

Save Time by letting our Channel Manager automatically and instantly sync all of your availability and bookings across all of your distribution channels.
Channel Manager Features and Benefits

Save Big on Time and Avoid Double Bookings

Our next generation Channel Manager system instantly synchronizes bookings, availability and rates with all connected channels – the OTAs, the Booking Engine, the Front Desk Manager and your phone-ins, walk-ins and and other manually entered reservations. Think of the Channel Manager as being a “pool” of your available rooms – when any one channel takes a room out, it’s gone from inventory. Other channels cannot resell or double book that room.


Connect to As Many OTAs as You Want

In the off or shoulder seasons when filling your property becomes a little more difficult, the Channel Manager allows you to be connected to multiple OTA channels without increasing the time it takes to keep them all in sync – it instantly does all the extra work. These extra channels mean extra exposure and thus more bookings. We can connect you to any of dozens of OTAs that we partner with including the big ones like and Expedia.


Control OTA Inventory To Save Big on Commissions

Want to shut down or limit inventory to all or some of the OTAs for specific dates? Whether it’s for whole seasons, the weekends or just a few days here and there, our system puts you in control of when the OTAs get to sell your rooms. Why would you want to let the OTAs to sell rooms during periods when you can sell them directly and commission free with your Booking Engine and other no-commission channels.

Fully Integrates with All Other Components

In addition to all of the OTAs, the Channel Manager instantly and automatically syncs itself with the Booking Engine, the Rates Manager and the Front Desk Manager.T he magic all happens without you lifting a finger. It’s easy, call us for a demo and start saving time and getting more bookings.

No Setup, Training or Support Fees

Everything is included in your monthly fee. We provide unlimited help, support and training. Although it’s all pretty easy to use, we make the learning super easy by providing next generation screen sharing technology so we can almost literally walk you through everything. Call us, we’re here to help!

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