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Channel Manager Fees

Our channel manager fees are on a pay per use basis. Unlike some providers, we realize that you likely don’t want to put all of your rooms or room types on every Online Travel Agency (OTA). We only charge you for connection you use. Click here for a full list of all the OTAs to which we can connect your system.

What you pay is $2 per month for each “Channel Connection”. This is the Channel Fee that is added on to your basic service and per room fees which you can see here.

A channel connection is 2-way instant syncing between a room type and a single OTA such as or Expedia.


You’ve got 40 rooms but only 2 room types – 20 Standard Queen rooms and 20 Standard King rooms. Let’s say you only want to distribute your Standard Queen rooms to 2 OTAs. Regardless of the number of rooms distributed, you will be syncing only 1 room type with 2 OTAs and thus you have only 2 channel connections and would pay 2 x $2 = $4 /month

Let’s say you have 40 rooms and 4 room types and you want to sync 2 of those room types with 2 OTAs – and Expedia. The channel manager monthly fee would then be: (2 room types) x (2 OTAs) x ($2 per connection)= $8 /month. If you were syncing 3 room types with 2 OTAs, you’d then pay (3 room types) x (2 OTAs) x $2 = $12 /month


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