Front Desk Manager

Just a few clicks to check guests in and out, print or email invoices and much more

Front Desk Manager Benefits / Features

Powerful and Intuitive Browser Based Calendars

Assign rooms, manage rooms, add walk-in or phone-in bookings, change booking status or block rooms, add days to a booking, etc. – all in one place!


Quick Check-In/Check-Out Dashboard

Your Cloud 9 dashboard gives you an “at a glance” report of upcoming check-ins and check-outs and the ability to change that status with a single click

Invoicing with Just a Few Clicks

As your guests check-in or check-out, you can easily generate and print or email them their auto generated invoices with just a couple of clicks

Automated Confirmation Emails

With bookings received from the Booking Engine, the system automatically  and sends an email confirmation or “reservation pending” notice to the customer, depending on how you do things.  It contains all of the standard data about the booking including name, dates, amounts, etc.  We can also configure the system such that the email will contain any custom information you’d like added such as cancellation policies, directions, etc.

Non-Booking Engine Confirmation Emails

When customers book verbally over the telephone or the the front desk, you have the ability to ask them for their email address which will form part of the booking. After that, and with just a couple of clicks, you can direct the system to generate and send an email that is auto filled with all of the relevant booking details and any other custom information you’d like to add such as cancellation policy, directions or other policies.

Other Custom Automated Email

We can configure the system to send (automatically or with a manual click) any kind of mail that might be triggered by a guest ‘event’. Examples: a “thank you” email 24 hours after a guest checks-out; a “reminder email” 72 hours prior to a guests scheduled check-in; a “cancellation confirmation” for guests who cancel. All of this mail can be set up to be automatically populated with any of the relevant details from the booking.

Standard and Custom Reports

Make Your Work Easier

  • Arrival/Departure Reports
  • Revenue Reports
  • Occupancy Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Payments Reports
  • Tax Reports
  • and many more

Guest Profiles and Guest Database

Know your customers and never lose track of your guest’s information again. The database stores all their info including links to all of their bookings. When they rebook, fill  in all of their details with just one click.

Fully Integrated with all Other Components

The Front Desk Manager syncs instantly and automatically with the Booking Engine, Channel Manager and Rate Manager. – everything always synced.

Accessible From Any Device, Any Time

Yes, you can manage your Front Desk tasks from a mobile device giving you the power to manage while on the go within the property or anywhere in the world for that matter.

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