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Below you’ll find a link to what we call our “Hosted” page four our Standard Property Management System (Booking Engine and Front Desk manager).

  • this is the demo page that shows what your booking engine might look like if you link from your existing website to an “external/hosted” page
  • if you’re going to purchase either of our website packages, this booking engine would no longer be “external or hosted”, it would be integrated right inside your website (click here to see the “integrated” booking engine)
  • the demo is a fully functional demo site where you can make “real” reservations using test credit card information
    • the demo credit card info is provided within the booking page once you arrive at the payment section
    • to complete the demo reservation, you’ll need to provide your real email address – this is because a valid email address is required for the system to function and so that the system can send you the “demo confirmation” letter. Your email address will not be used for a nything else (see our Privacy Policy here)

Here’s the link to the traveler facing page (also known as the “front end page”: (opens in a new window or tab)

If you want to see the hospitality provider page (the “back end”) where you can manage reservations use this link:
back end video demo (opens in a new window or tab)


We know you’ve got questions. We want to hear from you regardless of how big or small of a customer you’ll be. There’s a lot to ponder for all new customers and we welcome all questions – there aren’t any dumb ones.

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