Using Our Booking Engine without a Website Subscription with Cloud 9 Business Apps Inc.

If you are interested in our state of the art Booking Engine subscription but are not subscribed to our Website  service – no problem.

There are two potential setup alternatives. If you don’t understand the technology references, don’t worry, we’ll look after the details.

  1. We can host the booking engine and you can simply link to it from within your site
  2. If you have a wordpress powered site and you wish to have the Booking Engine embedded directly within your site,  you can host your website on our secure and encrypted servers. This is so that we can install an SSL security certificate and keep the WordPress installation always up to date and secure. Additionally, a large part of the Booking Engine service is that we will need to update rates, seasons, coupon codes and other ongoing updating that you may require. The hosting fee is $15 per month (plus GST) including the SSL certificate, ongoing plugin and core updates, high speed cloud servers, daily offsite backups as well as email service. This hosting fee would be in addition the regular Booking Engine subscription fee.

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