How a Google Hotel Listing Can Help Your Property

We’re going to do a quick little video here to show you how we can get a direct link to your booking engine – read Commission free – right next to the, Expedia and all the other high commission links that you have on your Google Hotel listing. So you can see, I’ve done a search up here for Calgary hotels and list a few of them, but if I click on View all 185 or just click anywhere on the map, It is going to open a whole bunch of hotels, so this is almost every hotel whether you have a link to your website booking engine or not. So I’m just going to scroll down to, which one was it here? I know the carriage house here has a
Wayne Harvey: Link like what we’re looking for. So when you go to the carriage house and actually before I go on I just want to mention this is where most people who don’t use Expedia or Expedia you know exclusively will end up at Google somehow they’ll get to this page. With all of the hotels over here and now I’ve clicked through to this carriage house. So anyway, on the carriage house. You can see there’s a link to their website. Directions share etc down, here are the prices. So you can, the user can choose their date and whatnot. And you will see that the carriage houses actually paying for an ad. So these are all paid advertising. These are 15% commission, basically, you almost have to pay
Wayne Harvey: Which is about what the travel agencies change you but you’ll notice down here where it says official site. So this is a link directly to the Carriage Houses Commission free website. So we can get your hotel. We don’t have to wait for it to To on Earth fully load there. So this is where we can put your hotel right underneath. All of these paid ones. If you are not signed up or not, sending any inventory, to Expedia and hotels, then you’re direct Commission-free link would be first. So that’s it. That’s where we can put you and you’ll have to contact us and we’ll start getting that set up for you. All right, thanks for watching.

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