Integrated versus Hosted Reservations System

Integrated versus Hosted Reservations System

This is a video that explains and demonstrated both the "hosted" and "integrated" booking engine and property management system offered by Cloud 9 Business Apps.

Reservations System Integrated Directly on Your Website

When our Reservation System is integrated directly into your website, guests never leave your site. This has the benefits that they can check availability and reserve while always remaining on your site where they can easily switch from page to page using your site’s navigation system. Once the guest has completed his reservation, he’s still on your site, he or she does not have to click anywhere to get back to it. It’s a much more seamless process.

Hosted External Reservations System

Almost all advanced reservations systems on the web require that you install links or buttons that lead the guest away from your site to what is known as a “Hosted” booking engine. Although this system works just fine it’s just not as streamlined as the integrated system which allows for “one click” viewing of availability. 

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