Hotel and B&B Marketing Images – How to Choose Them

Hotel and B&B Marketing Images – How to Choose Them

If your are trying to market your hotel or other independent hospitality business, the old adage that "A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words" applies more than in any other industry.

[icon name=”check”] your don’t need an expensive SLR camera to take great photos, any modern smartphone has enough technology on board to make most amateur photos look like they have been taken with a high end camera

[icon name=”check”] having plenty of photos can dramatically enhance the number of bookings you receive

[icon name=”check”] don’t necessarily try to capture your whole room in a single photo, several nice photos that focus on a small areas can oftentimes be better; for example a photo of a nightstand and just a small part of the bed and pillow linens can convey a lot of information (the photos to the right or below, depending upon which type of device you’re on, illustrate this concept)

[icon name=”check”] your hotel or B&B website photos/images should be as large and the highest resolution as you can provide to us, we’ll optimize them for you depending upon where on the site they are being displayed

[icon name=”check”] for featured areas of your site such as the homepage, use the best photos of your best exterior shots plus room(s), views and whatever else you think deserves a “frontpage” display

[icon name=”check”] be sure to capture the the style and feel of your property with some of your most prominent images

[icon name=”check”] experiment with different lighting, angles and focus area; it’s not as if taking tons of photos with a digital camera is going to cost you anything, you never know which of those many photos might just capture something you didn’t even see through the lens

[icon name=”check”] you should supply photos that highlight unique and desirable aspects of your hotel, motel and B&B such as the views, the architecture, the breakfasts, the rooms, etc.

[icon name=”check”] the more you tell your story with images, the less people have to read

[icon name=”check”] for exterior photos, you may wish to experiment with bright sunshiny day photography as well as images taken at dusk

[icon name=”check”] try to spice up your photos with colorful items such as orange juice, a glass of wine, a fruit tray, etc

[icon name=”check”] make sure your room hotel, motel and B&B room photos look exactly like you want your guests to see them in person: no out of place furniture, laundry or other unattractive items and appropriate lighting

[icon name=”check”] if you have any “not so great”  B&B rooms, you may wish to omit any images of them from the site other than on the pages (if any) that are dedicated to those specific room(s)

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