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Update January 21, 2018

We’ve recently updated the online reservations system so that you can now process a refund directly in the “backend” reservations management area. You no longer have to login and do it within your Stripe account. You can find the “Refund” link right next to the “Charge” link within any given reservation.

Refund Reservation Charge on you Online Reservations System


We will however leave the video below just in case you would prefer or have a need to process the refund from within your Stripe Account.


This is a short video on how to process a refund for a reservation the was booked within your online booking engine. This of course assumes that the charges to the customer were made using your booking engine or directly within your Stripe Account. If you processed charges using some other method such as your old merchant account system, refunds would have to be made via that system. And so, with no further ado, here’s the video…

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