Increase profitability by adjusting rates “on the fly” in response to fluctuating demand – just like the airlines do!

With just a few simple clicks, our Rate Manager can instantly send fine tuned rate adjustments to the Booking Engine as well as with the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Rate Manager Features

The Channel Manager component is only available with our deluxePMS product not the standardPMS.

Easily Adjust Your Rates on a Day by Day Basis

Stay ahead of the competition – with just a few clicks you can adjust the rates for your Booking Engine and/or the OTAs

Included only with our deluxePMS product.


Different Rates to Different OTAs? - Just A Few Clicks!

Want to be able to discount on your direct bookings but not on the OTAs – the deluxePMS makes it easy.

Included only with our deluxePMS product.


Fully Integrates with All Other Components

Works seamlessly with the cloudBOOKING-ENGINE, cloudFRONT-DESK and cloudREVENUE-MANAGER components

Included only with our deluxePMS product.


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