Rate Manager

Increase yield and profitability by strategically adjusting rates with just a couple of clicks. We can even automate some aspects of it. The future is indeed profit friendly!
Rate Manager Benefits and Features

Easily Adjust Your Rates on a Day by Day Basis

Market conditions can vary drastically from day to day. Stay ahead of the competition. With just a few clicks you can adjust the rates – up or down – for your Booking Engine and/or the OTAs. You can make fine or bulk changes on the fly. The Rate Manager give you quick and fine grained control as well the powerul bulk changes to your rates as needed.


Different Rates to Different OTAs?

Want to be able to discount on your direct bookings (Booking Engine) but not on the OTA rates – easy! How about decreasing rates by a fixed percentage for rates sent to lower commission OTAs such as Airbnb – no problem! Our Rates Manager is not only the most powerful in the industry, it’s the easiest to use. Call us when you’re ready to an online demonstration.

Fully Integrates with All Other Components

Whenever your change any of your rates, they are synced automaticlly and instantly with the Booking Engine, the Front Desk Manager and the Channel Manager components. Yes, our next generation independent property management software makes it almost effortless to manage you property. Ready for the demo yet? Still got questions? Contact us anytime!

Yield / Profitability Optimizer

Automated Rate Changes

As you’ve likely noticed with the airlines and large hotel groups, their rates are often automatically changing from one day to the next. These prices are calculated based upon inventory(supply) and demand. As any given date approaches, price can fluctuate up or down based upon available inventory. With the Cloud 9 Rate Manager you can implement this “yield optimizing” technology for your property. This can add thousand of dollars to your bottome line.

Remember that you can manually overide the automated pricing for any single or group of dates with just a couple of clicks.


How It Works in Practice


You know from experience that if you are more than 90% booked for any given date (on the morning of that date or the day before), you could increase your profitability significantly by raising your rates – say by 20%. Although making such changes with the rate manager is quite easy, you may wish to just simply automate it and forget it. Automated rates also sync instantly with other components of the system.

Similarly, you might want us to configure the Rate Manager to drop rates by 10% (for example) on the morning of a day for whcih you are less than 60% booked for that night. See the potential for extra profitability?

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