What are Room Types?

What are Room Types?

Why you need to understand the concept of room types for your hotel or property.

When calculating the monthly price for your OTA Connection Fees, you only need to count the Room Types that you plan to sell on the OTAs. 

Room Types are how your rooms are grouped or categorized by our Booking Engine as well as most of the OTAs. All rooms that are part of any given room type should be virtually the same. A group of rooms are of the same “type” if you could reasonably, without deceiving a guest, move them from one room to another. If you feel that any of the rooms within that Room Type group could better be marketed or sold separately, then it should likely have its own Room Type. It might be more deluxe and appealing or maybe less deluxe and less appealing. In either case, you likely want to sell/market it separately.

Here’s another way of thinking about it: if you can a take a bunch of similar rooms and market them with the same set of rates, photos, advertised amenities, etc, they all can likely be considered the same Room Type.


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