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Mobile Friendly Websites

✔ all inclusive monthly pricing with the only upfront cost being your first month’s fee**

✔ optimized for search engines to help you gain invaluable strength in the search results pages by Google, Bing and others

✔ includes unlimited updating of text, images and layouts – no more worrying about the cost of making changes whenever needed

✔ state of the art encryption services to ensure your customers know their communications with you are 100% private

✔ we even include your yearly domain name fee, high speed servers

✔ your website gets backed up every 3 hours, 365 days per year

**newer businesses may be required to pay for a fixed number of months in advance of any development work

For most customers (or potential customers), your website is their “first impression” of what you have to offer them. Most of them will be using a mobile phone when they arrive – regardless of how they got there. Our sites are designed specifically to turn those browser into customers or those travelers from “lookers” into “bookers”.

Naturally, we can fully integrate your website with any eCommerce or Online Booking Engine
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Booking Engine

✔ get confirmed bookings directly from your website, even while you sleep

✔ let customers check availability and reserve in real time from anywhere in the world

✔ let customers easily book from any device including mobile phones

✔ save tons of time by having the whole booking process automated including confirmation emails

✔ reduce back and forth emails and phone calls

✔ syncs automatically and instantly with the Channel Manager, Front Desk Manager and Rate Manager components

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Channel Manager

✔ sleep easy knowing that the Channel Manager is automatically and instantly keeping all of your bookings, rates and availability in sync between each of your marketing channels (Website Booking Engine, OTAs, phone-ins, walk-ins)

✔ dramatically expand your marketing reach by getting listed on as many of the OTAs as you wish (, expedia, travelocity, etc.)

✔ easily close off inventory to the OTAs – for days or even whole seasons where you feel you can sell your rooms via commission-free channels such as your Booking Engine, phone-ins, walk-ins, etc.

✔ “Use Them When you Need Them, Ditch Them When You Don’t”

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Front Desk Mgr.

✔ easily enter phone/walk-in bookings into the system

✔ save tons of time by streamlining and automating tasks

✔ use the dashboard to easily mark and see who has checked-in or checked-out

✔ color “Paid” reservations so staff can see which bookings are already paid

✔ easily answer phone and front desk availability and rate questions with the powerful Rate Checker Tool

✔ automated invoice generation with “one click” printing or emailing

✔ customer information is automatically posted to the Guest Database for future use with return visits

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Other Services


Google Business Listing Support

Your Google listing is the key component of your marketing strategy. Google distributes your listing on many different platforms – all for free. Regardless of how people first become aware of you – search engine, OTAs, word of mouth, etc. – most will eventually arrive at your Google Listing page. We’ll get control of that page for you and configure/optimize it to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your to the Google Listing and ultimately to your website where travelers can make a booking – ideally via our Online Booking Engine.

“Cloud 9 gives us outstanding customer support and we save a lot of money on commissions that we would otherwise be paying to the Online Travel Agencies”


Owner, Goldenwood Lodge, Golden, BC

“I would not hesitate to recommend Cloud 9 to any bed and breakfast operator.”

Ahmed Glodjo

Owner, A Day's Dream B&B, Peachland, BC

“The Cloud 9 system saves us a huge amount of time every month. Customer support is always there for us.”


Owner, Boyce Gyro Beach Lodge, Kelowna, BC

“The Cloud 9 system makes it easy to manage all of our bookings including those from and Expedia. We don’t worry about double bookings anymore.”


Owner, Monashee Lodge Motel, Revelstoke, BC

Online Travel Agencies

Although we do our best to provide you with the best tools and strategies to minimize your dependence on the OTAs, the sad reality is that most independent properties need them – at least at certain times of the year. Remember that with the Cloud 9 system, you can easily close off rooms for any date range and send that info to the OTAs with just a couple of clicks using the Channel Manager component.  In additions to the big players listed below, there are many smaller “niche” types of OTAs as well – check out our full partner list.

Here are just a few of our Online Travel Agency channel partners that can help deliver your property to the world

Click here for a full list of our Online Travel Agency Partners

Unlimited Support

There’s not much point in having amazing property management software if you can’t get the help you need, when you need it.

No matter the size of your property, you can reach out any time – it’s all included free of charge with any of our products. We use email, telephone and state of the art screen sharing technology to be there for and virtually with you when you need us. We aim to earn your business each and every month.

The Right Choice

Choosing a solution provider for your property is a big decision – we get it.
Will you get the support you need? Will the software perform as advertised? Will everything always be up and running – 24/7?

That’s why we’ve modeled our business so that you are in control and that there are no downsides.

  • We set everything up without cost to you
  • We train you on it’s use, again without cost
  • Most importantly though, we don’t lock you in with any contract – period
  • You’re free to leave at any time and for any reason – no charges or penalties

This model forces us to earn your business with outstanding performance and support each and every month. It’s what we want to do anyway, so why not put you in control.