How To Handle/Process Refunds On Cloud 9 Property Management System

Refunds & Credits are related but different. Typically, a refund is Negative Payment, similar to a Cash Advance, but is usually associated with a dissatisfied or unhappy customer. In the context of an Accommodations Provider, refunds are typically made if the traveler/guest shortens the length of their stay or is unhappy with the service or quality. In such cases, the accommodations provider may wish to refund all or a portion of the money that has already been paid by the traveler. In a case such as this there are actually two transactions being made – one, the “charges” are being reduced; two, a refund is being made. If you were to fail to reduce the “charges” on our system and only record the refund to the customer, your sales figures in the Reporting System would not reflect the refund and any tax liabilities would end up being higher than they otherwise would be. The best way to handle such a system if as follows:

  1. Remove the existing tax line items by clicking on the 3 horizontal dots and then selecting “Delete”
  2. Change the room price amount and then click the blue Refresh Button
  3. Add new tax line item(s) by clicking on the drop down menu on the last “Charges” line item and choosing the tax item you wish to apply (Your tax items have already been configured when your account was set up) but in this example it is labelled “GST Hotel Tax 5%). After choosing your tax line item, click the blue “+” button or the “Refresh” button
  4. You then see that there is a negative balance of $-21.00 (in other words you owe the traveler that much
  5. Then you would enter and negative payment of $-21.00 (you are refunding rather than collecting that amount)

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